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Europe Must Haves 01


This is my first post on a few Europe must haves. I’ve got lots more to say on this subject but above are a few things I want to start with.

01: Camera

For Christmas we got ourselves a Canon Rebel T3i. We’ve loved it so far and it was definitely a must have for our big trip. We didn’t have to get something quite this nice but we plan on using it for years for all different reasons.

02: Kelly Moore crossover bag

I’ve been eyeing these Kelly Moore bags for years. I’m a huge fan of her work and she photographed several of my friend’s weddings. Such a talent! When the 2 Sues Bag came out I knew this was the bag for me. I could totally see myself with this crossover bag on and whipping out my camera as we adventure around Europe.

03: Rick Steves books

Matt and I are huge Rick Steves fans. Like for real… we watch his show every Saturday morning. When we really started planning this trip it was a no brainer for us, we were going to get his books. We have Rick Steves’ Italy, Paris and London 2013 books. They have been SO helpful and they’ve already paid for themselves. I’ve mentioned his books in all my hotel bookings and most of my hotels have given me 10% off. I highly recommend his shows and books to anyone traveling overseas.

04: New luggage

I got a luggage set as a college graduation present. It was a great present at the time because I didn’t even realize I didn’t have a luggage set and that was just one less thing I had to think about as I was planning a wedding. After our honeymoon and few more trips we started to see the wear on our luggage. Well over 4 years later our luggage is barely hanging on SO the mission is on for new luggage. Unlike everything I’ve mentioned above we have not settled on the luggage we want. Pictured above is a set Matt really likes. I totally get why he likes it but I’m not a huge fan. Weight is a big issue since we only have 50 lbs a bag. Anything under 10 lbs is doable. Stay tuned on this one!

05: 220v Straightener

When I studied in Paris in college I quickly learned about the straightener issue. The first day I plugged my Chi in it burnt out immediately. Then I found out a few of my other friend’s straighteners had the same fate. For most girls this is a livable issue, but for me it’s a disaster. Seriously, my hair gets huge if I don’t straighten it or blow it out carefully. So I was not going to let this happen to me again. I’ve been searching ebay for different 220v straighteners. Right now I’m leaning towards this one but I haven’t purchased it.

New Camera

This past Christmas my sweet husband heard me out on all the reasons why we needed a “good” camera. Things like “we need it for our Europe trip someday,” “I’ll be able to take pictures of my finished work” and “we’ll take pictures of our kids someday with it.” But truthfully we really did need it for all those reasons so that’s what we got ourselves for Christmas.

It’s turned out to be a bit more to me than just those reasons listed above. While I have taken pictures of my work with it, I’ve really developed a much deeper appreciation of what my photography friends do. As an art director I always knew what I’d like the photo to look like as I’m standing there talking with the photographer but how they get that shot has always been beyond me! But now that I’ve played around with my own camera I have a tiny bit more of an understanding of what it takes to get that shot.

The specs:

After questioning several photography friends and what would best meet our needs we landed on the Canon Rebel T3i and a 50mm lens. I’ve LOVED it! Since I was getting it for Christmas my plan was teach myself as much as I could over the break. Well if that was my plan I was in luck because this happen…


We were snowed in for several days and my poor parents, aunt and uncle and grandma lost power for days! And they certainly weren’t the only the ones in central Arkansas.

Check out some of my favorites below from my-new-camera-snowmageddon-adventure…










I can’t WAIT to take pictures with this camera in Europe but I’ve already been warned by my husband that we aren’t going to obsess over pictures but enjoy and experience our time there. Wise words husband, I’ll do my best!

So has my DSLR camera helped make me a better designer? I think so. It’s sharpened my eye even more to see I’m trying to achieve.

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