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Baby Duran is on his way!
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Hello! I’ve been absent for awhile but one of my goals for the new year is to post on here more. I’ve got lost of fun projects from last year I need to share with you and lots of excitement in 2014 to share with you also! But first and foremost we’ve got an announcement to make… WE’RE HAVING A BABY! And it’s going to be a sweet little boy… YAY!
I’m due May 8th which means I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant. I’ve really had no problems besides normal pregnancy symptoms and side-effects. I’m so very thankful for an easy pregnancy so far but I realize I’ve still got another 16 weeks to go! Lately the things on my mind have been… getting all his stuff together like nursery and registry items, how this baby is going to change our daily lives, staying as healthy as possible… pretty normal stuff. We are SO EXCITED and a little nervous all at the same time but really I just can’t wait to meet him.


These photos were taken when I was about 15.5 weeks pregnant with a tiny bump (at the time it felt huge!). For current baby bump pics check out my Instagram page.

These photos were taken by the very talented Kati Mallory! She’s awesome and I can’t wait for our maternity and newborn pictures.

Rejoice – always


Dear Friends,

Life can be hard. Like REAL hard. Most of you can understand what it’s like to go through a difficult time. Well I am right there with you, I’ve certainly gone through some difficult moments in life but this past week was knock me to my knees hard. Things will get better, they have to but in the meantime I’m going to Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! I’m not sure I could have even said those words last week but this week I can. The artwork above is something I drew about two months ago and I was so happy with how the gold foiled cards turned out after they were printed but I had no idea how this saying was going to be so crucial for me now. If you are also going through a difficult time please know that I can completely sympathize and I would love for you to send me a message about how I can be praying for you.


PS I’m not done posting about Europe! There’s more to share so stay tuned!


I’m back!
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Hi there! I’m back! I can’t believe I completely skipped the month of May on posting on this blog… well, actually I can. May was probably the busiest month of our lives.

Because I love a list and I’m getting back into the grove of being organized here’s a list of updates on life:

01: I quit my day job

With much sadness May 9th was my last day as the assistant director of graphic design at Southwestern. I LOVED my job and I’m still having withdrawals from it. I miss my co-workers and projects so much. I know we are suppose to be in Little Rock but I still get sad when I think about it. Hopefully, time will help.

02: Matt graduated with his masters

Could not be more proud of my husband. On May 10th he graduated with his Master’s of Divinity. It was a huge 100 hour masters degree that he finished in 2.5 years. He amazes me!

03: We went to Europe

If you are friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you probably saw a few Europe photos from the trip. Well we had a blast and that goes without saying! It was a very busy trip and I plan on giving you the full run down here on the blog with pictures from my “real” camera.

04: We moved to Little Rock

Within 24 hours of landing at DFW we had our entire apartment and Uhaul packed and we were on our way to Little Rock. How?! My crazy husband, brother-in-law, neighbor and friends. They were a BEAST at packing. I was told I held my own but I don’t really remember from the jet lag… and suddenly we live in Little Rock again! It’s weird and wonderful all at the same time.

05: My new day job

So after all this change what’s next for me?! Well… THIS! I’ll be right here on this site designing the logos, branding products, wedding invitations and more that so many of you have requested. I’ve also got lots of ideas and changes for my little company and website but all that will come in due time. So in the mean time check this blog for more updates and contact me for a design project that you may have!

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Umm wow! It’s already half way through the month of April. Where did the time go? I think I’ve mentioned before but life is kinda crazy! Now don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the right kind of crazy. Like the controlled kind of crazy. The one where you are very busy and it almost seems like too much but yet you are getting things done right and left and doing it well. I LOVE that kind of crazy. Seriously, it’s the best. But currently I am not in that state of crazy. I’m in the unknown state of crazy. The one where life is about to make a lot of changes. All the changes I know about I’m really excited about! However, the unknown changes have been a process. I can finally say I’m very excited about the future even though it’s not completely clear to me what that looks like.

The verse above has been on my heart the past couple weeks. I hope it brings you peace too! And don’t you want to just go jump on those clouds?! Me too.

2013 :: First Quarter Wrap-up

Wow what a first quarter of 2013, the good and the bad! But mostly good!


01: Moving

We found out are moving back to Little Rock, Arkansas. We are SO excited but there is SO much about Texas I’m going to miss. Mainly the people from work and church but we are also just going to miss our daily lives here. However, being near family (mine and his) is a priceless gift that we could not be more grateful for. PLUS I can’t wait to get to know and spend more time with our new church family.

02: Website launch

Well y’all already know about this one. This is a biggie! This new site and blog is something I’ve been dreaming of for awhile and I’m so happy it’s finally live. Sometimes I forget it’s already done and I’ll go check my site out just to be sure and I’ll be like “oh yeah! It is true!” Silly, I know!

03: Neenah Award

I was SO thrilled to find out I won bronze for the entire south region in the Neenah Paperworks Contest. Ya’ll I was speechless when I found this out and was literally on cloud 9 for like 3 days straight. WOW. Special thanks to my sweet friend and paper rep from OK Paper, Blakeley Warner, for the nomination.

04: We are going to Europe

You’ve probably already seen this mentioned on here before but it’s a big deal and it’s a really big deal when you start booking and paying for things! We are SO excited but with so many other things going on (graduation, moving, new jobs, etc) I don’t think about it as much as I would expect. My dad always says part of the vacation is the anticipation leading up to the trip! Always so true!

05: Featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper

Being featured on a website you literally visit everyday is a big deal folks. I honestly could not believe my eyes. I absolutely LOVE my business cards and to have them featured on OSBP is a dream come true!

06: Wedding invitations and more

I’ve been busy, busy designing at work and freelance stuff. (I’m so lucky to love my day and night job!) But there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a pretty wedding invitation come together perfectly!

Life is really great right now. Yes, it’s a little stressful mostly with moving, transiting jobs, back problems and being sick. But the good so out ways the bad. I am so grateful!

Also, I think I’ll spare you any kind of April Fools jokes. You’re welcome. Mostly because I haven’t had any luck with them today. I tried to tell Matt his jeans looked like bell bottoms (it drives him crazy) but still it wasn’t a good one.

Happy April ya’ll!

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