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2013 :: First Quarter Wrap-up

Wow what a first quarter of 2013, the good and the bad! But mostly good!


01: Moving

We found out are moving back to Little Rock, Arkansas. We are SO excited but there is SO much about Texas I’m going to miss. Mainly the people from work and church but we are also just going to miss our daily lives here. However, being near family (mine and his) is a priceless gift that we could not be more grateful for. PLUS I can’t wait to get to know and spend more time with our new church family.

02: Website launch

Well y’all already know about this one. This is a biggie! This new site and blog is something I’ve been dreaming of for awhile and I’m so happy it’s finally live. Sometimes I forget it’s already done and I’ll go check my site out just to be sure and I’ll be like “oh yeah! It is true!” Silly, I know!

03: Neenah Award

I was SO thrilled to find out I won bronze for the entire south region in the Neenah Paperworks Contest. Ya’ll I was speechless when I found this out and was literally on cloud 9 for like 3 days straight. WOW. Special thanks to my sweet friend and paper rep from OK Paper, Blakeley Warner, for the nomination.

04: We are going to Europe

You’ve probably already seen this mentioned on here before but it’s a big deal and it’s a really big deal when you start booking and paying for things! We are SO excited but with so many other things going on (graduation, moving, new jobs, etc) I don’t think about it as much as I would expect. My dad always says part of the vacation is the anticipation leading up to the trip! Always so true!

05: Featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper

Being featured on a website you literally visit everyday is a big deal folks. I honestly could not believe my eyes. I absolutely LOVE my business cards and to have them featured on OSBP is a dream come true!

06: Wedding invitations and more

I’ve been busy, busy designing at work and freelance stuff. (I’m so lucky to love my day and night job!) But there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a pretty wedding invitation come together perfectly!

Life is really great right now. Yes, it’s a little stressful mostly with moving, transiting jobs, back problems and being sick. But the good so out ways the bad. I am so grateful!

Also, I think I’ll spare you any kind of April Fools jokes. You’re welcome. Mostly because I haven’t had any luck with them today. I tried to tell Matt his jeans looked like bell bottoms (it drives him crazy) but still it wasn’t a good one.

Happy April ya’ll!

Featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper
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WOW! Today my business cards were featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper. I mean hello bucket list item!


This really is a dream of mine come true! With so many changes happening in the next few months and so many unknowns I’m very grateful for the extra pep in my step.

Thank you Oh So Beautiful Paper!

Thank you!
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Thank you family and friends for all your support with the launch of this new website. I forgot how vulnerable it can feel to put yourself and your work out there for all the world to see. As graphic designers we don’t sign our name at the bottom of a painting or put watermarks on our photos like some of our other creative friends so it’s a little easier to hid behind your work. Sure I love to hear praise from my husband, my parents and co-workers but from the world wide web?! Yikes! I didn’t realize the insecurities I would have leading up to my launch. But with every word of encouragement those insecurities started to fade. Thank you! You, friends, have helped this girl to dream a little bigger. Launching this website was just the push I needed to see where God is directing me next. It’s scary, it’s exciting but I’m happy to say I’m ready to see what the next chapter holds.


Above: My sweet and so supportive husband took me out this weekend for my big launch. Love him!

New look, new site, new blog

Oh my! This day has finally come. What a relief it is to finally say this. I have desperately been wanting a change for awhile. My last site (and first site) was created my senior year of college. I LOVED it then. It was a way fun Flash site that I was very proud of and totally helped me land my first job. Then a few years went by and I needed to update it for my next job. I made some changes. I certainly didn’t love it like I used to but it got the job done and helped me land my next job. So a year passes and we are moving to Texas and guess what?! It’s time to update my site again. When we decided to move to Texas, things moved FAST. I’m actually not sure if I made any updates besides my resume and my printed portfolio but thankfully Southwestern wasn’t hiring me for my web skills.


About a year ago I got to the point where I hated my website. I didn’t want to send anyone to my site and nothing about it felt like me. I had totally moved on from that look and my work was way out dated. So in the fall I started talking to Matt about the big changes I needed to make. I told him about the new site in my head and that I was desperate to get it on screen. I also told him about the blog I wanted to go with it. Fast forward a few months later, lots of hard work and HUGE thanks to the ladies at Love-Inspired my new site and blog is finally up! I am SO excited. Please check out my work!

Read more about the business cards above here.

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Ben Peacock Photography

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