Baby Duran is on his way!
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Hello! I’ve been absent for awhile but one of my goals for the new year is to post on here more. I’ve got lost of fun projects from last year I need to share with you and lots of excitement in 2014 to share with you also! But first and foremost we’ve got an announcement to make… WE’RE HAVING A BABY! And it’s going to be a sweet little boy… YAY!
I’m due May 8th which means I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant. I’ve really had no problems besides normal pregnancy symptoms and side-effects. I’m so very thankful for an easy pregnancy so far but I realize I’ve still got another 16 weeks to go! Lately the things on my mind have been… getting all his stuff together like nursery and registry items, how this baby is going to change our daily lives, staying as healthy as possible… pretty normal stuff. We are SO EXCITED and a little nervous all at the same time but really I just can’t wait to meet him.


These photos were taken when I was about 15.5 weeks pregnant with a tiny bump (at the time it felt huge!). For current baby bump pics check out my Instagram page.

These photos were taken by the very talented Kati Mallory! She’s awesome and I can’t wait for our maternity and newborn pictures.

Rejoice – always


Dear Friends,

Life can be hard. Like REAL hard. Most of you can understand what it’s like to go through a difficult time. Well I am right there with you, I’ve certainly gone through some difficult moments in life but this past week was knock me to my knees hard. Things will get better, they have to but in the meantime I’m going to Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! I’m not sure I could have even said those words last week but this week I can. The artwork above is something I drew about two months ago and I was so happy with how the gold foiled cards turned out after they were printed but I had no idea how this saying was going to be so crucial for me now. If you are also going through a difficult time please know that I can completely sympathize and I would love for you to send me a message about how I can be praying for you.


PS I’m not done posting about Europe! There’s more to share so stay tuned!


Paris :: part 1
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Paris was our second stop on our big Europe adventure! Paris is like my European home. I absolutely LOVE this place! It really is dream to me!


Hotel Valadon, 16 rue Valadon, PARIS 75007 FRANCE

  • Metro stop: École Militaire
  • This was my third favorite hotel of all 5 hotels we stayed at this trip
  • Pros: THE VIEW (we could see the top of the Eiffel Tower from bed), a big king size bed with a big room for Europe, very quiet but on a popular street, the shops and restaurants around our hotel, breakfast included
  • Cons: VERY small bathroom, almost a little too quiet
MAY 15 – Wednesday (half day)

Arrive at 3:47 Paris Nord
Paris Bus tour – Les Cars Rouges Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour (Champ de Mars)
Walk area – DINNER – Café du Marche, 38 Rue Cler, 75007 Paris, France
Louvre at night
SNACK: Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur | 14 Avenue Villars, 75007 Paris

MAY 16 – Thursday

Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées
Eiffel Tower
The Army Museum – Musée de l’Armée
Musée Rodin
Musée d’Orsay
Bateaux Parisiens (Seine rive cruise)
LUNCH: Pain et Chocolat | 16 Avenue La Motte Picquet 75007 Paris
MACROON SNACK: Ladurée Royale, 16 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris, France

MAY 17 – Friday

Versailles – go to Angelina’s for hot choco
Sacre Coeur and Montmartre (sadly we did not do this, I LOVE Sacre Coeur but it was raining the evening we were going to go)
LUNCH: La Droguerie du Marais, 56 rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris (best crepes)
DINNER: (optional by Scare Coeur) Refuge des Fondus | 17 rue des Trois-Freres, 75018 Paris

MAY 18 – Saturday

Centre Pompidou National Museum of Modern Art
Tours de Notre-Dame
Sainte Chapelle
Shakespeare and Company
Latin Quarter (gyros)
Pantheon (we were so tired and just didn’t feel up to going to the Pantheon or the Luxembourg gardens… both worth it I’m sure but I’m ok that we skipped it)
Jardin du Luxembourg
LUNCH: L’As du Fallafel, 34, rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France (fallafels)
ICE CREAM: Berthillon Ice Cream | 29-31 rue Saint Louis en l’ile 75004 Paris
DINNER: Le Petit Prince, 12 rue de Lanneau

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London :: part 2
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This is the last half of London! Last post was mostly the facts, below I list my favorite things about London.

    • Celebrating Matt’s birthday in London
    • The London Eye (I didn’t expect to actually like this)
    • The food (hello fish and chips!)
    • Seeing Matt see Westminster Abbey (he may or may not have geeked out a bit)
    • Tea Time at our hotel (how cute and delicious does that look?!)
    • A CLEAN metro system (I can’t say that for the rest of the stops on our trip)
    • Hyde Park (so pretty and seeing the guards at Buckingham Palace is pretty awesome)
    • The Double Decker bus (great way to REST and see a lot at the same time)
    • Going to Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross
    • The National Gallery (one of my favorite museums ever AND we saw Cindy Crawford there… very random)
    • British speaking children (I might be weird but this is cutest sound in all of London!)
    • Harrod’s mall (most amazing mall EVER and not to mention the one in the airport)

2013-05-13 22.10.53

2013-05-13 22.06.39

2013-05-13 22.06.00

2013-05-12 22.34.13

2013-05-13 19.57.00

2013-05-13 19.55.43

2013-05-13 16.20.25

2013-05-13 16.16.17

2013-05-13 16.11.03

2013-05-13 16.07.17

2013-05-13 16.07.00

2013-05-13 16.04.25

2013-05-13 16.04.20

2013-05-13 14.34.05

2013-05-13 14.23.33

2013-05-13 14.19.58

2013-05-13 14.17.30

2013-05-13 13.35.19

2013-05-12 22.58.23

There’s not that many photos of just us on my camera because we mostly took those with my phone. Check out my Instagram to see more picture of just us on the trip!

London :: part 1

London was our first stop on our big Europe adventure! We LOVED London, naturally. Our only regret is that we would have spent one more day there. During our stay was also Matt’s birthday so it made London even more special.

Like all our stops I’m going to give you our full itinerary. So here it is for London:


The Ampersand Hotel, 10 Harrington Road, London, SW7 3ER. England

  • Metro stop: South Kensington
  • This was my second favorite hotel of all 5 hotels we stayed at this trip
  • Pros: so stylish, very comfy bed, clean, heated bathroom floors, bathtub, quiet, very close to metro
  • Cons: small room, breakfast not included
MAY 13 – Monday

Arrive in London at 9:35 a.m.
Check in hotel – pick up London pass tickets at Leicester Square tube station
Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
Lunch – – Ottolenghi, 13 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8LB
Big bus tour hop-on-hop off – Big Bus Tours meet at Green Park Tub stop
Tate Modern*
Big Ben and Parliament
London Eye
Westminster Abbey
Whitehall/ Piccadilly*
National Gallery/ Trafalgar Square
British Library*
British Museum*
St. Paul’s
Shakespeare’s Globe*
Tower of London
Tower Bridge Exhibition*
Churchill War Rooms
Dinner – Bumpkin Restaurant, 102 Old Brompton Road South Kensington, London SW7

MAY 14 – Tuesday – MATT’S BIRTHDAY!!

Portobello Road (best to just do this on Saturday but if we had more time we would have gone by)
Lunch – – Golden Union, 38 POLAND STREET, SOHO LONDON, W1F 7LY
Thames River Cruise (was rainy and water looked too choppy for us)
Afternoon Tea at the hotel (2:30 – 5:30)
Dinner – The Atlas Pub, 16 Seagrave Road, London, SW6 1RX

MAY 15 – Wednesday (half day)

Harrod’s Mall and walk around South Kensingston area
Train ride to Paris – London St Pancras 12:25

Key: * means we just drove by on the big bus tour, crossed through means we didn’t do at all

Several things from Monday’s list went over to Tuesday. We did not do all that on Monday!

2013-05-12 22.33.19 2013-05-12 22.33.29 2013-05-12 22.29.54 2013-05-12 22.25.39 2013-05-12 21.45.13 2013-05-12 21.41.14 2013-05-12 21.31.38 2013-05-12 21.30.20 2013-05-12 21.30.07 2013-05-12 21.29.58 2013-05-12 20.41.57  2013-05-12 20.40.27 2013-05-12 20.37.09 2013-05-12 20.18.47

More London photos to come at the end of the week! Please message me if you have any questions about our schedule or need some advice!

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