July 2013 Archive

Rejoice – always


Dear Friends,

Life can be hard. Like REAL hard. Most of you can understand what it’s like to go through a difficult time. Well I am right there with you, I’ve certainly gone through some difficult moments in life but this past week was knock me to my knees hard. Things will get better, they have to but in the meantime I’m going to Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! I’m not sure I could have even said those words last week but this week I can. The artwork above is something I drew about two months ago and I was so happy with how the gold foiled cards turned out after they were printed but I had no idea how this saying was going to be so crucial for me now. If you are also going through a difficult time please know that I can completely sympathize and I would love for you to send me a message about how I can be praying for you.


PS I’m not done posting about Europe! There’s more to share so stay tuned!


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