London :: part 2
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This is the last half of London! Last post was mostly the facts, below I list my favorite things about London.

    • Celebrating Matt’s birthday in London
    • The London Eye (I didn’t expect to actually like this)
    • The food (hello fish and chips!)
    • Seeing Matt see Westminster Abbey (he may or may not have geeked out a bit)
    • Tea Time at our hotel (how cute and delicious does that look?!)
    • A CLEAN metro system (I can’t say that for the rest of the stops on our trip)
    • Hyde Park (so pretty and seeing the guards at Buckingham Palace is pretty awesome)
    • The Double Decker bus (great way to REST and see a lot at the same time)
    • Going to Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross
    • The National Gallery (one of my favorite museums ever AND we saw Cindy Crawford there… very random)
    • British speaking children (I might be weird but this is cutest sound in all of London!)
    • Harrod’s mall (most amazing mall EVER and not to mention the one in the airport)

2013-05-13 22.10.53

2013-05-13 22.06.39

2013-05-13 22.06.00

2013-05-12 22.34.13

2013-05-13 19.57.00

2013-05-13 19.55.43

2013-05-13 16.20.25

2013-05-13 16.16.17

2013-05-13 16.11.03

2013-05-13 16.07.17

2013-05-13 16.07.00

2013-05-13 16.04.25

2013-05-13 16.04.20

2013-05-13 14.34.05

2013-05-13 14.23.33

2013-05-13 14.19.58

2013-05-13 14.17.30

2013-05-13 13.35.19

2013-05-12 22.58.23

There’s not that many photos of just us on my camera because we mostly took those with my phone. Check out my Instagram to see more picture of just us on the trip!

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