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Hi there! I’m back! I can’t believe I completely skipped the month of May on posting on this blog… well, actually I can. May was probably the busiest month of our lives.

Because I love a list and I’m getting back into the grove of being organized here’s a list of updates on life:

01: I quit my day job

With much sadness May 9th was my last day as the assistant director of graphic design at Southwestern. I LOVED my job and I’m still having withdrawals from it. I miss my co-workers and projects so much. I know we are suppose to be in Little Rock but I still get sad when I think about it. Hopefully, time will help.

02: Matt graduated with his masters

Could not be more proud of my husband. On May 10th he graduated with his Master’s of Divinity. It was a huge 100 hour masters degree that he finished in 2.5 years. He amazes me!

03: We went to Europe

If you are friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you probably saw a few Europe photos from the trip. Well we had a blast and that goes without saying! It was a very busy trip and I plan on giving you the full run down here on the blog with pictures from my “real” camera.

04: We moved to Little Rock

Within 24 hours of landing at DFW we had our entire apartment and Uhaul packed and we were on our way to Little Rock. How?! My crazy husband, brother-in-law, neighbor and friends. They were a BEAST at packing. I was told I held my own but I don’t really remember from the jet lag… and suddenly we live in Little Rock again! It’s weird and wonderful all at the same time.

05: My new day job

So after all this change what’s next for me?! Well… THIS! I’ll be right here on this site designing the logos, branding products, wedding invitations and more that so many of you have requested. I’ve also got lots of ideas and changes for my little company and website but all that will come in due time. So in the mean time check this blog for more updates and contact me for a design project that you may have!

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