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Umm wow! It’s already half way through the month of April. Where did the time go? I think I’ve mentioned before but life is kinda crazy! Now don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the right kind of crazy. Like the controlled kind of crazy. The one where you are very busy and it almost seems like too much but yet you are getting things done right and left and doing it well. I LOVE that kind of crazy. Seriously, it’s the best. But currently I am not in that state of crazy. I’m in the unknown state of crazy. The one where life is about to make a lot of changes. All the changes I know about I’m really excited about! However, the unknown changes have been a process. I can finally say I’m very excited about the future even though it’s not completely clear to me what that looks like.

The verse above has been on my heart the past couple weeks. I hope it brings you peace too! And don’t you want to just go jump on those clouds?! Me too.

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