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Thank you family and friends for all your support with the launch of this new website. I forgot how vulnerable it can feel to put yourself and your work out there for all the world to see. As graphic designers we don’t sign our name at the bottom of a painting or put watermarks on our photos like some of our other creative friends so it’s a little easier to hid behind your work. Sure I love to hear praise from my husband, my parents and co-workers but from the world wide web?! Yikes! I didn’t realize the insecurities I would have leading up to my launch. But with every word of encouragement those insecurities started to fade. Thank you! You, friends, have helped this girl to dream a little bigger. Launching this website was just the push I needed to see where God is directing me next. It’s scary, it’s exciting but I’m happy to say I’m ready to see what the next chapter holds.


Above: My sweet and so supportive husband took me out this weekend for my big launch. Love him!

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