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Oh my! This day has finally come. What a relief it is to finally say this. I have desperately been wanting a change for awhile. My last site (and first site) was created my senior year of college. I LOVED it then. It was a way fun Flash site that I was very proud of and totally helped me land my first job. Then a few years went by and I needed to update it for my next job. I made some changes. I certainly didn’t love it like I used to but it got the job done and helped me land my next job. So a year passes and we are moving to Texas and guess what?! It’s time to update my site again. When we decided to move to Texas, things moved FAST. I’m actually not sure if I made any updates besides my resume and my printed portfolio but thankfully Southwestern wasn’t hiring me for my web skills.


About a year ago I got to the point where I hated my website. I didn’t want to send anyone to my site and nothing about it felt like me. I had totally moved on from that look and my work was way out dated. So in the fall I started talking to Matt about the big changes I needed to make. I told him about the new site in my head and that I was desperate to get it on screen. I also told him about the blog I wanted to go with it. Fast forward a few months later, lots of hard work and HUGE thanks to the ladies at Love-Inspired my new site and blog is finally up! I am SO excited. Please check out my work!

Read more about the business cards above here.

Photography above by
Ben Peacock Photography

  1. Jeanne Dohner


  2. Hi Aubri!

    I found your site through your feature on Oh So Beautiful Paper, and I’ve got to say, I’m an instant fan of your work. I’m also a graphic designer, originally from Texas, now in Oklahoma (not too far!). I worked in Wisconsin for a couple of years but had to come back to the south and away from that cold weather. Just wanted to say that I love your site and your blog! I’m an editorial designer as well so I can definitely appreciate all of your work :)

    • Aubri Duran

      Hi Traci!
      I LOVE your blog! You are so fun! I want to be friends! :) I love all of our connections, we must stay in touch!


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