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This past Christmas my sweet husband heard me out on all the reasons why we needed a “good” camera. Things like “we need it for our Europe trip someday,” “I’ll be able to take pictures of my finished work” and “we’ll take pictures of our kids someday with it.” But truthfully we really did need it for all those reasons so that’s what we got ourselves for Christmas.

It’s turned out to be a bit more to me than just those reasons listed above. While I have taken pictures of my work with it, I’ve really developed a much deeper appreciation of what my photography friends do. As an art director I always knew what I’d like the photo to look like as I’m standing there talking with the photographer but how they get that shot has always been beyond me! But now that I’ve played around with my own camera I have a tiny bit more of an understanding of what it takes to get that shot.

The specs:

After questioning several photography friends and what would best meet our needs we landed on the Canon Rebel T3i and a 50mm lens. I’ve LOVED it! Since I was getting it for Christmas my plan was teach myself as much as I could over the break. Well if that was my plan I was in luck because this happen…


We were snowed in for several days and my poor parents, aunt and uncle and grandma lost power for days! And they certainly weren’t the only the ones in central Arkansas.

Check out some of my favorites below from my-new-camera-snowmageddon-adventure…










I can’t WAIT to take pictures with this camera in Europe but I’ve already been warned by my husband that we aren’t going to obsess over pictures but enjoy and experience our time there. Wise words husband, I’ll do my best!

So has my DSLR camera helped make me a better designer? I think so. It’s sharpened my eye even more to see I’m trying to achieve.

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